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Located in the heart of Manhattan, Shotkin, Zhang & Associates P.C. was founded by Jewish-American and Chinese American attorneys with a heartfelt respect and recognition of the importance of understanding our client’s cultures, values and life experiences. At Shotkin, Zhang and Associates P.C. we have drawn from our diversity to forge a core commitment to excellence. We provide high quality legal advice and representation to clients around the world. Our clients hale from all walks of life, so our attorneys tailor solutions to specific client demands. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues and most critical disputes. Under the guidance of diverse and experienced legal team, we provide the most professional legal advice and reliable services to all clients.

Our specialized attorney teams have extensive experience in various fields. We are proficient in Chinese and US Business Law and we are especially good at company incorporation, IPO, bank establishment and M&A. We have helped many Chinese entrepreneurs develop businesses in the US market. Our senior attorneys are also adept at practicing Trademark Law in the US courts.

We specialize in various government penalties and fines, such as Medicaid eligibility investigations, IRS penalties, Department of Building’s violations, Department of Sanitation tickets, Environmental Control Board and Department of Consumer Affairs violations etc. We also provide services in credit card debt negotiation, credit repair, and ID theft. Our immigration attorneys handle all kinds of immigration and visa applications and continue to provide all immigrants with excellent legal services. Our taxation attorneys also have extensive experience, in dealing with tax audits involving foreign assets and income.

Our criminal attorneys have strong backgrounds in the criminal field. We are experienced in arraignments, arranging bail and criminal defense, (arrests for shoplifting and prostitution, etc.) Other legal services we provide include customs forfeiture defense; landlord and tenant disputes; labor disputes; divorce; business incorporation; trademark, patent, and copyright; deportation and case reopenings and bankruptcy.

We draw together attorneys and other specialists from all over the world and provide services in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean. Our Chinese attorneys are proficient in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Hakka, and Sichuan dialects. We provide professional legal consultation with dependable services.